Unemployed Sahrawi Graduates Oppressed In International Human Rights Day


Unemployed Sahrawi Graduates celebrated the occasion of the 67th international human rights day under a very telling slogan “a continuous struggle to achieve employment and protect human dignity”. On Thursday December 10th, the peaceful protesters held a demonstration in Alquds and Smara streets’ intersection. Although the international human rights charter guarantees peaceful protest and free speech, Moroccan oppressive police intended to deprive Sahrawi graduates from these basic rights and ruin this noble celebration. The dangerous increase in police aggression against Sahrawi graduates is clearer than ever. Now more than anytime, members of filed coordination have been targeted by Moroccan police in forms of life threatening attacks.


Hence, we announce to the local and international public opinion the following:


·         First, we express our resentment from the oppressive approach conducted by Moroccan officials in their dealing with various Sahrawi issues.


·         Second, we strongly condemn the manipulation of PHOSBOUCRAA vacancies, namely by the corrupted company’s headmaster and his fellow officials who exploits Western Sahara’s only mine in the absence of the indigenous population.


·         Third, we restate our strong believe in our fair and legitimate demands.


·         Fourth, we condemn the desperate attempts to push us towards using violence. We are peaceful protestors and so we will remain.


·         Fifth, we refer to the serious deterioration in ensuring basic needs for decent living for the majority of Sahrawis. Hence, more Sahrawi youngsters are crossing the Atlantic as illegal migrants when their rich land is being exploited by a corrupted authority.


·         Sixth, we praise the just resolution of the EU supreme court concerning the canceling of the fishing and agricultural agreement since Sahrawis don’t benefit from its revenues.


The Field Coordination of Unemployed Sahrawi Graduates:


Annahda Association for Unemployed Sahrawi Graduates


Alamal Group for Unemployed Sahrawi Graduates


OCP Skills Sahara Group


Local Coordination of Sahrawi Unemployed High Alumnus in Laayoune













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