The Saharawi President, Mohamed Abdaziz, Calls on Electing a New Leadership

Photo Credit, Almonitor

The Saharawi President, Secretary General of the Polisario Front, Mohamed Abdaziz, at an emergency meeting on Monday, has called the National Secretariat for the front to elect a new leadership.

According to sources, Mohamed Abdalaziz, has announced his intention to leave power from Fourteenth Congress onward, calling for the election of a new leadership that truly represents the Saharawi people , a leadership that works to realize their hopes and aspirations.

As a reminder, it is the second time that the Secretary General of the Polisario announces his intention to leave power. In August, the 13th 2015, during the 12th session of the National Secretariat of the Polisario front, Mr. President called emphasized the need to elect new leadership, including the new secretary general for the Polisario Front.

The Secretary General of the Polisario’s comments is a step towards a new start and a chance for the good practice of Democracy in its solid and concrete form, not to forget that Mr. President, Mohamed Abdalaziz has sacrificed his entire life in the work of realizing a free Western Sahara for the Saharawis.


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